Monday, June 4, 2012

I LOVE Organization!

How many times when teaching, have you gone to get something you needed and could not find it. My friend Heather and Jenn have got me into organizing.  If you were to walk inside my classroom you might be overwhelmed.  Some people find my classroom extremely organized...everything has a  Even my students will find a basket or a tub that does not have a label on and ask for one. 
When organizing my filing cabinet I used the label maker to label all of my files.  In the first drawer I keep all of all my papers organized by subject.  I always have a hard time finding a place for my collection of teacher resource books.  They are not books that I use all of the time, but wanted to keep them in a place that was easy to access.  They all fit wonderfully in the filing drawer.  I organized them by subject.  I was surprised I was able to fit all of my books inside. File folders make for GREAT dividers.
I share I classroom with another wonderful teacher at our school. We have a partition separating the classroom in half.  Along the partition in the back I have our library book shelf I keep label white baskets as you can see in the picture.  The baskets are labeled stencils, crayons, and handwriting paper.  Below those you will see our classroom library.  In the blue baskets on the top shelf  I keep early readers. I wish this picture would show that paper sorter on the top shelf.  I will have to blog about that another day :)

In the front of my classroom I have an amazing shelf that fits perfectly underneath the white board. I want to say that it is two cubbies tall by eight cubbies long.  I have enough cubbies to sort all the student workbooks and teacher additions by grade and subject.  If I have not mentioned it before, I teach Kindergarten/1st grade.  This is just a small glimpse of the what what is organized in the classroom.  More to come....Thank you for stopping by :)


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